Following the decision issued by the Ministry of National Economy on March 26, 2023 to restrict the registration of the “Lawyers for Justice” group in the corporate registry as a civil company registered with the Ministry of National Economy based on instructions from the General Intelligence agency in Ramallah, the group filed an administrative appeal before the Administrative Court in Ramallah, to cancel the decision and issue a certificate for the year 2023, which will hold its first session on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.
in this context; The group confirms what it issued in a previous statement that it operates as a civil company registered with the Ministry of Economy in Ramallah, in line with the decisions and laws in force regarding civil companies to provide legal services and human rights, stated under the Articles of Association of the company with the Company’s Controller.
The “Lawyers for Justice” group was also subjected to a systematic series of harassment and incitement that affected its work and its members since the beginning of its work, in an attempt to stop the group from its work in representing and advocating human rights defenders, and political detainees. And documenting the violations they are subjected to.
In this context, the group affirms the continuation of its work, which it started in 2011, in defiance of all the harassment it is exposed to. During the month of May, the group followed up 34 cases of arrest against different backgrounds, distributed as follows: (23) Arrests on the basis of political and partisan pluralism, (4) Arrests on the Basis of Peaceful Assembly, (4) Arrests on the basis of student union work, (3) Arrests based on freedom of opinion and expression.
In conclusion; Lawyers for Justice calls on colleagues in local and international human rights institutions to support the group in its legal quest to annul the administrative decision to freeze its registration, which came at the request of the General Intelligence Service.
Lawyers for Justice
3, June 2023