About us

Who we are

Lawyers for justice started its legal activities as an individual back in 2011, by the time human rights violations increased and still increasing, following this, the group began to shape its ideas gradually as part of its efforts to organize its work. In 2014, the group called itself Lawyers for Justice Group. Lawyers for justice focused its legal activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, while the human rights system was subjected to attacks that are widening in light of the weak legal system and the absence of control over the performance of the executive authority, lawyers for justice abide the standards of fair trial and that every detainee has the right to have justice regardless of the nature of the charges against the detainee. The group called for an end to all forms of detention that do not have a legal basis, for example arrests against the background of freedom of expression and political affiliation, or those that interfere with freedom of press and other rights.

Over the past three years, the group has been able to monitor and document numerous human rights violations. In this context, lawyers for justice have made practical contributions in defending these cases before the Palestinian courts and launched campaigns in support of many cases, public opinion, which in turn has been able to influence positively and effectively in support of these issues.

The group has focused on all cases in which it has been active in violations of formal and objective legal violations, and has consistently advocated through its defense team to respect fair trial guarantees and violations that have been recorded and detract from these standards.