The “Lawyers for Justice” group followed five detainees on the grounds of their participation in demonstrations condemning the arrest of the political detainee Musab Shtayyeh and his fellows, one of them in Nablus, and the others in Tulkarem.

Yesterday, the Palestinian security agencies referred the detainee, Ayman Rashid, from Nablus, to the public prosecution. He was interrogated on charges of illegal assembly, and at the same time they extended his detention for 24 hours; and today, the Nablus Magistrate Court extended his detention for 10 days.

In the same context; Yesterday, the General Intelligence Service in Tulkarem released Khader Dhiab and Mahmoud Alaria, while Ghaith Mahawi and Omar Freij are still administratively detained without going through legal procedures.

Accordingly; The Lawyers for Justice group affirms the right of individuals to demonstrate, as well as their right to adopt and embrace opinions.

Lawyers for Justice

January 12, 2023