Lawyers for justice condemns the acts of security services for suppressing a peaceful protest that was held today in Ramallah to denounce the ongoing war and attacks against Gaza.

During, the security services were present in both civil and military clothing, as repression occurred, assaults on children took place and while filming the demonstration, and personal sources also varied according to what was distinguished by attendance.

During the past week, a solidarity march with prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons was suppressed as a result of what they had been subjected to since October 7. During the march, the protestors were suppressed. The group documented the attack and wounding of a prisoner’s son by security agents who suppressed the demonstration.

The group also condemns the continued suppression practiced by security services, which breaches constitutional rights stipulated by the Palestinian constitutional law, and the increasing pace of political arrests that has targeted dozens of civilians over the past two weeks in various cities in The West bank under the grounds of opinion expression and political affiliation.

the group also assures that the cases of repression and arbitrary arrests reflects the lack of seriousness of the decisions and statements issued by the new government related to correcting the conditions of public freedoms, and also contradicts the decree-law issued by the head of authority approving the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights within the system of national laws that guarantee civil and political rights and freedoms.

Till here,

Lawyers for Justice

Issued in 10-5-2024.