Today, Sunday 30, April 2023, the Magistrate Court in Ramallah held the fourteenth session for the trial of three activists from the “Enough, Telecommunications Companies” movement, and they are Musa Al-Qaisiyya, Jihad Abdo, Ezz El-Din Al-Zol, this comes against the backdrop of allegations made by the Palestinian Telecommunications Company through the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ramallah, accusing the three activists of defaming the company through social media, the criticism by the aforementioned relates to the company’s policy regarding high telecom rates and consumer fraud.


In the complaint against the aforementioned activists, the telecommunications company claims that it incurred financial losses of 10 million dinars due to criticism of the company’s policy by the aforementioned activists, and also demands compensation of 10 million Jordanian dinars in lieu of the alleged losses. 


The Ramallah Magistrate Court decided to postpone the activists’ trial session to July 11, 2023, based on the prosecution’s request to submit the rest of the evidence, noting that the prosecution has a deadline to submit evidence since November 2021. The Magistrate Court gave an additional and final deadline for submitting their evidence or considering the prosecution to be sufficiently with the evidence presented.


30, April 2023

Lawyers for Justice