Yesterday, Sunday, February 26, 2023, a session was held in the Special Military Court in Ramallah, for those accused of killing the political opponent and candidate for the canceled legislative elections, the martyr Nizar Banat.
The session was held in the presence of the full court, the representative of the Military Prosecution, and thirteen of the fourteen defendants. The “Lawyers for Justice” group attended the session as an observer of fair trial guarantees, in addition to the presence of some colleagues representing local and international institutions for the same purpose.
The group noted the absence of the defense lawyer due to a comprehensive strike by the Bar Association, as well as the absence of the fourteenth defendant (Y.A), whose absence was justified by the Military Prosecution by the death of one of his relatives.
Based on the foregoing, the court postponed the case until March 13, 2023 due to the strike in the Bar Association, provided that the fourteenth defendant and his lawyer are notified of the date of the next session.
Lawyers for Justice
February 27, 2023