Since the beginning of this week, the “Lawyers for Justice” group has followed up on 22 detainees who were arbitrarily arrested by the Palestinian security services, specifically the Preventive Security Service and the General Intelligence. It was distributed among the citizens who were arrested during this week and others from the previous weeks.

Five of the above-mentioned citizens were arrested on the basis of their participation in the funeral of the martyr Abdel Fattah Kharousha, and another by order of the governor of Tulkarm.

Today, the group obtained four decisions to release four of the above-mentioned detainees, in addition to two decisions yesterday in favor of two others.

The group notes that the security services and the judiciary exploited the lawyers’ strike period for the purpose of arbitrary arrest of citizens, as well as extending their detention in the absence of a defense lawyer, which detracts from their right to a fair trial.

Lawyers for Justice
March 15, 2023

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