Lawyers for Justice has followed up the case of former political detainee Moamen Dawood since his arrest, as the Preventive Security in Qalqilya arrested him on 6.11.2022, until he was released by a decision of the Qalqilya Magistrate Court on a personal guarantee of one thousand Jordanian dinars on 11/20/2022.

During his detention, Dawood suffered from health problems and suffocation as a result of being thrown into the dungeon of the Preventive Security in Qalqilya. Despite the health problems he suffered as a result of his arrest, the Preventive Security continued to interrogate him about his opinions posted on social media.

However, when the Preventive Security referred his case to the Public Prosecution, it sent an investigation report that he was in possession of weapons, which contradicts the actual investigation they are conducting with him, this is for the purposes of persuading the Public Prosecution and the competent court to arrest him legally, considering the charge of possession of a weapon dangerous to public order and security, unlike posting opinions on social media, which are not considered a threat to security and public order.

As the Palestinian security services always use such political charges to justify the arrest of political detainees, and accordingly; The result in these cases is either that they be preserved before being referred to the competent court, or that the detainee obtains an acquittal after referring his case to the court, as in the case of Dawood.

Accordingly, the “Lawyers for Justice” group calls on all human rights institutions, local and international, to address the Office of the Attorney General and the Supreme Judicial Council, not to receive such cases in which the security services distort the reality of the actual investigation.

Lawyers for Justice

January 9, 2023

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