Today, Sunday, May 28, 2023, the Special Military Court in Ramallah postponed the trial session of 14 members of the Preventive Security Service accused of killing the political dissident, and the candidate for the canceled legislative elections; the martyr Nizar Banat.

The session was held in the presence of the full court, the representatives of the Military Prosecution, the fourteen defendants, and the defense lawyer. The “Lawyers for Justice” group attended the session as an observer of fair trial guarantees, in addition to the presence of some colleagues representing local and international institutions, and embassies for the same purpose.


The session opened at 11:45 AM, during which the defense lawyer asked to invite the witness (W.N.) from the General Investigation in Ramallah. Also, He must bring with him a statement (H.B.), that he gave before the witness, which relates to the innocence of the first accused, according to the defense lawyer. It is also mentioned that (H.B) is a main witness to the assassination of the martyr Nizar Banat, who is currently detained in the occupation prisons.


Accordingly; The “Lawyers for Justice” group calls on local and international human rights institutions to attend the upcoming sessions to ensure that they are conducted impartially and without delay.

Lawyers for Justice

 May 28, 2023z