The “Lawyers for Justice” group denounced the apparent deterioration in the human rights situation in the West Bank, and the consequent refusal of court decisions to release political detainees by the security services, which are trying to legitimize the detention of detainees by fabricating criminal cases. against them in the courts to justify their arrest.


In this context, the “Lawyers for Justice” group was surprised by the insistence of the General Intelligence agency in Jericho to arrest the political detainee, and the released prisoner from the occupation prisons, Moamen Al-Qaraawi, from Nur Shams camp, who works as an English language teacher. 


Although two decisions were issued by the Jericho Magistrate Court to release Qaraawi, these two decisions were appealed or reconsidered to legitimize his detention.


It is noteworthy that Al-Qaraawi was arrested on May 8, 2023 by members of the General Intelligence agency in Tulkarm, before being transferred to the Intelligence headquarters in Jericho.

Lawyers for Justice

June 1, 2023