The General Intelligence Service released student Hamam al-Haj at the Arab American University yesterday on Wednesday, 29-5-2024, he was detained back on the 5-5-2024, on the background of his trade union and student activities.

The Jenin Magistrates’ Court had pronounced Hamam’s release on 16-5-2024, but the General Intelligence Service refused to execute the release order issued by the Jenin Magistrate, and kept him arrested by the director of the General Intelligence Service.

Lawyers for Justice considers that the arrest of detainees under the supervision of the security services is an unlawful arrest and action and involves an offence prescribed by law, namely the refusal to implement a 14-day judicial decision and the imprisonment of liberty without legitimate justification.

The Group also considers that the said measure contravenes the Constitutional Court’s decision in Constitutional Case No. (18/2022) issued in the 25/1/2023, which earlier annulled the administrative arrest of the Governor and repealed articles of the Jordanian Crime Prevention Law No. (7) Of 1954, which used to allow the violation of the guarantees of a fair trial.

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Issued in 30/5/2024.

Lawyers for Justice.