Yesterday, March 16, 2023, the Ramallah Magistrate Court acquitted activists Osama Khalil and Firas Brawish.

The trial of Osama Khalil and Firas Braiwish before the Magistrate’s Court in Ramallah dates back to 2020, specifically to the twenty-eighth of July, following the arrest of them and their ten other companions, who were known as the activists of the “Tafah Al -Kail” movement, who tried to organize a demonstration against corruption on the nineteenth of July, 2020 in Al-Manara Square in the center of Ramallah.

Accordingly, the “Lawyers for Justice” group appreciates the decision of the Magistrate’s Court judge to declare the activists Osama and Firas innocent, and also calls to stop prosecuting the activists and to prosecute the activists in court.

Lawyers for Justice
March 17, 2023