Today, March 14, 2023, the “Lawyers for Justice” group attended a meeting at the representation of the Kingdom Netherlands Office in Al-Bireh, during which they gave a briefing on the human rights situation in the West Bank.
The meeting was held in the presence of representatives of the European Union countries, Canada and Britain, and in the presence of the head of the European mission, as well as representatives of the “Lawyers for Justice” group who were invited by the representation of the Kingdom Netherlands.
In this meeting, the group discussed the increasing attacks on the human rights system in the occupied West Bank, in light of the weak system of laws and the absence of oversight over the performance of the executive authority.
During the meeting, the group presented the violations it is following up on, especially those against human rights defenders, political detainees, detainees on the basis of trade union and student activities, governor ordered detentions, and other violations.
The group also talked about the violations that the group was subjected to as a result of its legal and human rights activities, and its continuous defense of human rights.
Lawyers for Justice
March 14, 2023