The “Lawyers for Justice” group  condemns the massacre committed by the occupying forces against our people in the centre of the occupied city of Nablus this afternoon, the group mourns the eleven martyrs who were martyred in the crime committed by the occupying forces, and wishes a speedy recovery for tens of those wounded as a result of the attack, which lasted for several hours.

The group asserts that this attack comes in the context of the ongoing war waged by the colonial war machine against our people to prevent them from exercising their right to self-determination guaranteed under international human rights conventions, which emphasises the legitimacy of resisting the occupation, which was also emphasised by the United Nations General Assembly in many resolutions.

In the face of these ongoing crimes against our people, the group deplores the international community’s continued silence and standing by the “occupying state” while ignoring and denying the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, the group also emphasises the legitimacy of legitimate acts within the framework of self-determ


Lawyers for Justice

February 22, 2023