The “Lawyers for Justice” group condemns the continued campaign of arrests by the security agencies against citizens and political activists, which has increased since the beginning of this year.


The group indicates that, since the beginning of the year, it has monitored the arrest and summons of tens of citizens as part of the policy of suppressing freedoms, which has taken a dangerous turn since the summer of 2021, following the assassination of the political activist, Nizar Banat.


The group notes that the policy of suppressing freedoms clearly extends to public rights and freedoms, including freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of political affiliation, which are constitutional rights that must be respected and preserved.


In this context, the group condemns what the security forces have done since the day before yesterday by suppressing the press conference that was supposed to be hosted by the Watan Agency, and preventing it from taking place. In addition to the arrest of student and journalist Moath Washaha by the Palestinian General Intelligence in Ramallah. The group also condemns the arrest of political activist Ammar Banat yesterday by the security agencies who do not wear military uniforms, without presenting an arrest warrant that would allow them to arrest Banat.


Due to the inability of lawyers to represent citizens arbitrarily detained outside the scope of the law before the Public Prosecution and the courts due to the strike of the Bar Association, the group refers to the “use of the right of silence” that allows every detainee not to answer any questions during interrogation before the Public Prosecution

The group also confirms the illegality of any interrogation or investigation carried out by the security agencies, as it is a non-competent body and has no authority to investigate or arrest without an official arrest warrant.

Accordingly, the group calls for the immediate release of all detainees in all cities, respect for judicial rulings, and an end to the policy of suppressing freedoms.


Lawyers for Justice

March, 3 2023