Yesterday, the Magistrate’s Court in Nablus issued a decision to release the political detainee, Riad Abu Al-Hassan, after his family fulfilled the personal guarantee procedures approved by the court as a precondition for his release. However, the Preventive Security refused to comply with the decision of the Magistrate Court in Nablus to release Abu Al-Hassan, and referred him to the Public Prosecution, under arrest pending a new file, as an attempt to cover up his arrest with a legal cover. 


Abu Al-Hassan was arrested on February 12, 2023 by the Preventive Security Service, two days after the home of his father, lawyer Faris Abu Al-Hassan, was stormed by tens of members of the Preventive Security Service in an attempt to arrest him. However, his absence from the house thwarted this first attempt, which did not carry with it any judicial orders allowing him to be arrested or his house searched.


And accordingly; Lawyers for Justice condemns, in the strongest terms, the security services’ transgression of court decisions. Specifically in the cases of political detainees, and keeping the detainees in detention despite the issuance of judicial decisions to release them. Arrest them, and search their homes without legal basis.


Therefore, the “Lawyers for Justice” group regrets the continuation of violations against detainees against the backdrop of political and partisan pluralism, especially the executive authority’s uniqueness in making decisions and implementing them according to its whims.

Lawyers for Justice

February 23, 2023