Lawyers for Justice have followed this day, 5/31/2020 The arrest of the human rights activist and defender, Jasser Jaser. who was arrested against the background of what  he was published on the Facebook page, “Bekfi ya shrikat alitisalat”-This is enough Communications companies- which is a page of  social mobility .
The Public Prosecutor accuses the activist Jasser of “transmitting insulting news using communication devices” in violation of the “controversial” cybercrimes  law.
Accordingly, lawyers for justice believe that his continued detention for the second consecutive day, on the background of his publications, which is demanding accountability for corruption and corrupt people, is only a trial of the conscience of honorable people with the aim of blocking any social union activity aimed at correcting social and economic policies to achieve the desired social justice.
Based on the foregoing, Lawyers for Justice have demanded that the relevant authorities issue a decision to stop the prosecution and detention of trade unionists and human rights defenders. emphasize the need  of closing all the  judicial files that impede any trade union activity and/ or restrict freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed under  the domestic and international  laws.