On 5/3/2018 an early retirement letter from the Ministry of Education, was sent to Ms. Rajaa’ Lahlouh, without sending a warning to her. Ms. Rajaa’ has 14 years experience in teaching, and has a master degree in translation.

A letter has been submitted to the Ministry of Education to explain the reasons for her retirement, adding to that 117 is the total number of teachers who got an early retirement, Ms. Rajaa’ decided to visit the minister of education Mr. Awartani on 1/8/2019 and ask by herself about the early retirement, after the discussion he told her that the reason behind your early retirement is because you were one from a group of colleagues active in teacher mobility in 2016.

The early retirement decision was used to impose the retirement on the teachers; Ms. Rajaa contacted the human rights institutions to resolve her case, she didn’t contact any lawyer, but unfortunately none of the institutions helped. On 20/10/2019 Ms. Raja protested in front of the Ministry of Education and burned her university degrees, but there was no reaction to this huge step.