Lawyers for Justice condemns the shooting of the citizen Ahmad Abu Al Foul that took place in Tulkarem Wednesday’ s night 1/5/2024, Ahmad Abu Alfol was shot by security services while he was traveling in his car on the public road. Which caused a severe injury, later on the hospital declared him dead.

The spokesman for the security services issued a statement announcing that security agents had shot fire on Ahmad Abu Al Foul for allegedly responding to gunfire against the said agencies. The group considers the statement to be an acknowledgement of the murder of Ahmed Abu Faul and in anticipation of any official investigation results with the security force.

Lawyers for Justice assures that the murder of citizen Ahmad Abu Al Foul follows a series of similar murders, the eighth case in which citizens were shot dead by the security services over the past seven months, following the event of October 7th, the last murder that took place on the citizen Mutasim Al Aref in early April, as well as the injuries of many citizens over the past months during attempts while arresting.

Lawyers for Justice implies that not all homicides involving citizens have been investigated since the 7 of October, leading to the accountability of those involved. Since the beginning of 2024, Lawyers for Justice has monitored the killing of citizens, including a boy Ahmed al-Obaidi, 17, early in January this year. The boy, Mohammed Arasan, was 17 years old in March, and a citizen, Mutasim AL Aref, who was injured at the end of March on 2-4-2024, was pronounced dead. In addition, Qais Saadi and Khalil Hanbali were injured during their arrest attempt.

Therefore, Lawyers for Justice calls for the need for immediate and serious actions by those concerned and those responsible for the implementation and application of the law by the public prosecutor and the Military public prosecutor to ensure that the provisions of the law are activated and those involved in the murder of Abu Foul and previous murders are prosecuted, and that any legal cover that prevents them from being held accountable is lifted in compliance with the law.

Lawyers for Justice  also points to the need to reverse the justification language issued by the security institutions in order to justify these crimes, which is also aimed at creating conditions in which the killing of innocent citizens is facilitated without reasons or justification. In this context, Lawyers for Justice also affirms that the continued prosecution of activists is incompatible with constitutional rights approved by the Palestinian Constitutional Law, Its conduct was a crime of legitimate acts in the exercise of the right to self-determination.

Lawyers for Justice

Issued in 2-5-2024.