Postponement the murder trial of political – human rights activist Nizar Banat.

Lawyers for Justice pursues the course of the trial of the accused  of killing political and human rights activist Nizar Banat, which was held on 6-5-2024 in front the military court in Ramallah. In accordance with the facts and circumstances, the Military court in Ramallah postponed the hearing pending notification of the next hearing by the Defense counsel which was appointed on 20-5-2024, a further hearing was held on 26-4-2024 and was postponed on 6-5-2024 for the same reason that the defendants’ defense counsel was not present.

Lawyers for Justice appoints that the trial of 14 preventative security agents who are accused of killing activist Nizar Banat were released on 21-6-2022 by decision of the Military Public Prosecutor in conjunction with the first anniversary of their murder, no substantive proceedings have taken place in the case file in more than eight months, This would disrupt the trial proceedings and hinder access to the objective of the trial, the first session of the trial was held on 14-9-2021 after more than two and a half months of the assassination incident on the 24-6_2021 during the break-in by a security force of the Palestinian Preventive Security of the activists house at dawn hours and was severely beaten using iron and gas that led to his death, on the background of criticism by Palestinian Authority political officials.

In this context, lawyers for justice stresses the need to expedite trial proceedings in earnest and to ensure that justice is served, particularly almost three years after the activist’s killing and more than two and a half years since the beginning  of the trial.

Lawyers for justice,

Issued in 8/5/2024.