On 6/1/2020 Lawyers for Justice pursued the case of the political detainee Muhanad Nasr in front of the Public Prosecution Brigades in Ramallah, where he was interrogated on charges of collecting and receiving funds from illegal associations, a political charge that the Public Prosecution with respect to direct to political detainees.
The effects of the political detainee Muhannad Nasr before the Public Prosecution in the presence of a representative of lawyers for justice, the lawyer Muhannad Karajeh, allegations of torture. Poor conditions of detention that he lives from the beginning of his detention on 5/1/2020, where he is placed suspicious in a small cell measuring 30 * 30 cm.
Lawyers for justice the allegations raised by the detainee with the General Intelligence Service in Ramallah are considered a crime accountable by law, and in violation of the treaties and agreements signed by the State of Palestine.
Lawyers for Justice considers this statement as a communication of the compassion of the Attorney General for the release of the detainee Muhannad Nasr and for the investigation of the allegations that have raised it.