Lawyers for Justice met today with the director of the European Union’s political affairs department, Mr. Ramesh De Silva, to discuss the human rights situation in the West Bank, Mr. de Silva explained the role of the European Union in protecting human rights, protecting human rights defenders in Palestine, and facilitating the work of the Lawyers for Justice group.

In his role, lawyer Muhannad Karajeh, Director of Lawyers for Justice, explained the violations against human rights in the West Bank , as well as the group’s role in defending human rights defenders in the West Bank since the group’s founding in 2011.

Mr. de Silva conveyed the concern of the European Union about the human rights violations reported by the Lawyers for Justice group, and renewed the European Union’s support for the group, and at the same time the European Union’s interest in reviewing such violations, to transfer them to the Palestinian Authority to pressure at them to stop it.

Lawyers for Justice

January 11, 2023