Again, the executive bodies and their employees continue their incitement against the Lawyers for Justice to prevent it from exercising its human rights work and defending the rights of activists and citizens, especially after the rise of the violations of the executive authority in the last two months.

Unfortunately, the Lawyers for Justice group is following up the attempts of the security forces to pressure the political detainee’s families who the group is following, pushing them to withdraw their confidence from the group, as well as the distortion, incitement, and misinformation practiced by the forces against the group’s lawyers who are deployed in various governorates of the West Bank. in addition to lies on their tongues in front of the detainees and their families.

In addition, the legal advisors of the security forces are trying to restrict the group’s lawyers during their normal work in pleading with the detainees and attending the investigation sessions, which are guaranteed by Palestinian law. These advisors, in cooperation with the forces in which they work, seek to issue subpoenas for the lawyers of the Lawyers for Justice.

We affirm that the incitement that Lawyers for Justice is facing has not stopped since the group began its work in 2011, but it increases with every campaign of political arrests, every persistence in violating the law, and every belief by responsibles that they can adapt the law according to their interests, not according to justice.

 We at Lawyers for Justice assure that all restrictions and incitement against us will not weaken our position in defending human rights, and we will continue our legal and human rights activities in any attack on rights and freedoms that are protected by the Palestinian Basic Law and have not been safeguarded by the executive forces and their users. with respect for trial guarantees of justice that do not justify arbitrary arrest, torture, and beatings, whatever the act or accusation against any accused person.