Today, “Lawyers for Justice” group obtained a decision to release the political prisoner, Basil Flayan, by Ramallah’s first instance court in its appeal capacity, in return for providing a personal guarantee to the court of 500 Jordanian dinars; After the group appealed the Ramallah magistrate court’s decision to reject the release request.

It is noteworthy that Flayan was arrested by the general intelligence  on December 13, 2022 as part of a wide campaign of political arrests launched by the Palestinian  security agencies, and the general intelligence  kept him administratively detained without going through legal procedures until December 22, 2022.

Then they referred his case to the public prosecution office, which charged him with political charges, until he obtained a release decision from the Ramallah magistrate court. However, the general intelligence refused to release him, and on January 8, 2023 they referred a new case to the public prosecution that they had attached to him, and again, the public prosecution charged him with a new political charge, until the date of the release decision that the group obtained today.

It is noteworthy that the detainee Flayan had mentioned before the Ramallah Magistrate Court allegations of torture and ill-treatment, which they torture with special techniques called ( Shabeh) which means hanging human being into the ceiling from their hands and whipping them with plastic tubes.


Lawyers for Justice

January 17, 2023