“Lawyers for Justice” group is following up with great concern the flagrant violations in the case of the political, administrative detainee, Basil Flayan. Despite obtaining two release decisions from the Ramallah magistrate court, these decisions were as if they were not with the general intelligence. But the general intelligence refuses to abide by the court’s decisions to release him.

Back on December 13, 2022, the general intelligence arrested Flayan as part of a wide campaign of political arrests launched by the Palestinian security services, and kept him in administrative detention, without going through the necessary legal procedures until December 22, 2022, when they referred his case to the Public Prosecution, which charged him with political charges, Until “Lawyers for Justice” group obtained a release decision in favor of Flayan from the Ramallah magistrate court; However, the general intelligence refused to release him, and on January 8, 2023, the general intelligence referred a new case to the Public Prosecution, which they had attached to him, and again, the Public Prosecution charged him with a new charge of a political nature, Until January 17, 2023, when he obtained a release decision after the group and his family completed the guarantee procedures, but again, the general intelligence is intransigent and refuses to implement the court’s decision to release Flayan, and keeps him in administrative detention without charging him with any charge, or presenting him to a court or public procuratorate , or be released.

Accordingly, “Lawyers for Justice” group holds the general intelligence responsible for the life of detainee Flayan, especially after the allegations of torture he raised before the extension judge, and that the continued illegal and administrative detention of detainee Flayan may be evidence of his continued torture.

Hence, we consider this statement as a communication to the Attorney General to report an illegally detained person as stated in the text of Article (128) of the Code of Criminal Procedures, and accordingly we ask the Attorney General to open an investigation into the illegal arrest of the detainee, And then take all the necessary legal measures represented in the immediate release of Flyan.

Lawyers for Justice

January 23, 2023