Lawyers for justice followed up with Mohammed Zahran’s case on Tuesday, whom is a detainee for the GID in Ramallah, since Monday 18/11/2019 Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Zahran, from Deir Abu Mish’al town, Ramallah’s district, a prisoner of liberation who spent three years in Israeli jails, Zahran works in the Anti-Corruption Commission, where attorney Muhannad Karajeh attended yesterday’s prosecution session held for Zahran at about 1:30 pm.

“Lawyers for justice” worried about all the allegations of torture and miss-treatment raised by Zahran before the prosecution and documented in his reports, that he was tortured for more than 45 minutes, Zahran said yesterday that his hands were handcuffed, “his hands were placed behind his back, the handcuffs were tied to a rope and hung from the ceiling, this terrible mistreatment continued over 45 minutes, Zahran confirmed that they stripped off his clothes and kept him with a blouse while the weather was very cold, and then transferred him to a spot called “refrigerator” area which does not exceed one meter in length and meters across, and does not contain a mattress, which he could not sleep in it all night last night, plus he was not allowed to go to the bathroom.

The Public Prosecution noted yesterday that Zahran had redness spots on his hands and decided to arrest him for 48 hours, but to show up again to the Public Prosecution on Thursday.

Prosecutors accuse Zahran of collecting and receiving illegal money from illegal parties and the court released him with 200 dinars of bail, later the file was closed without conviction, and “Lawyers for Justice” group asserts that prosecuting the person on the same charge twice which is illegal.

“Lawyers for Justice” considers this statement to be a communication to the Attorney General to open an investigation into the allegations of torture and miss-treatment reported by Zahran before the prosecution, In compliance with the international agreements and treaties against torture and miss-treatment signed by the State of Palestine.