Alarmingly, the Ministry of Education issues a decision to deduct one working day for teachers who went on a partial strike in protest of the failure to pay their salaries in full, in a move that is a violation of their right to peaceful expression guaranteed in the Palestinian Basic Law.

The peaceful strike is a form of expression that is guaranteed in the Palestinian Basic Law, specifically Article 19 of it, which states: “Freedom of opinion is not violated, and every person has the right to express and publish his opinion verbally, in writing, or other means of expression or art, subject to the provisions of Law.”

Simply, Article (1) of Decree-Law No. (11) of 2017 guarantees the right to strike for civil servants, to demand their rights, or as an expression of their rejection of decisions and actions taken against them.

Lawyers for Justice denounces the persistent attempts to harass teachers in their strike and seeks to single out the Palestinian teacher by assigning direct penalties to each teacher separately, because of their refusal decision, and the peaceful demand for rights.

Lawyers for Justice calls on government agencies to protect the right of teachers to strike peacefully, to ensure that they follow their human rights demands, and to stress the importance of ensuring the protection and protection of public freedoms, and not committing any human rights violations or claimants