Lawyers for Justice condemns the closure of the occupation, seven human rights and civil institutions, Thursday, August 18, 2022, in Ramallah: (Al-Haq Foundation, Addameer Foundation for Prisoner Care and Human Rights, Bisan Center for Research and Development, the International Movement for Defense of Children, and Action Committees Agriculture, the Health Work Committees Corporation, and the Union of Women’s Committees), attacks on their facilities, theft of their property, and closing their doors.

Lawyers for Justice emphasizes that this closure is a blatant attack on the human rights community in the Palestinian territories, and attempt to disguise everyone who tries to expose the occupation and its crimes against the Palestinians, an attempt that began by classifying six out of the seven institutions attacked today as terrorist institutions last year.

Lawyers for Justice believes that because the satisfaction of the international community and the Palestinian Authority work in condemning the classification of institutions as terrorist, without taking any real action to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its aggression, it has opened the way for more violations practiced by the Israeli occupation government, army and settlers against the Palestinians in their various places of residence.

As the Lawyers for Justice declares its solidarity with the seven institutions, it calls on the international community, civil society, civil and human rights organizations to stand up to its responsibilities in a practical way to prosecute the occupation and ensure the functioning of these institutions without fear. It also calls on the Palestinian Authority to go seriously to try the occupation in international courts, away from prosecuting it only in the speeches and statements.