The “Lawyers for Justice” group condemns the repeated and almost daily summons carried out by the Palestinian security agencies against the feminist and political activist, Dr. Zahra Khdrouj, and the executive director of the Asfour Cultural Center.


According to the activist Khdrouj; The campaign of continuous harassment against her by the Palestinian Authority security services began, since last June, three weeks after the opening of the Asfour Cultural Center, registered with the Ministry of National Economy, which began with being summoned by the Preventive Security Service in Qalqilya, and interrogated about the center’s cultural, national and political activities that usually target children and youth.


The activist Khdrouj added; After her appearance before the Preventive Security Service for the first time, the summons that the Palestinian security services carried out against her were repeated, and it became almost daily. However, she refused to appear after the first time, and after that the harassment varied to include inciting the guests of the center not to attend its activities, in addition to issuing a  decision to seize the on her bank accounts last August.


In the same context, the harassment of the activist Khdrouj was not limited to the harassment of the Palestinian security services only, but also extended to violations and harassment by the occupation, to prevent her from traveling, and entering the occupied territories.


Therefore, in conjunction with International Women’s Day; The “Lawyers for Justice” group launched an urgent appeal to stop the prosecution of activist Dr. Khdrouj, and calls on all local and international institutions to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to stop pursuing her, and to enable her to complete her activities.

Lawyers for Justice

March 10, 2023