Today, March 5, 2023, Halhoul Magistrates Court rejected the release request, which was submitted by the family of the political detainee and the student at the Bethlehem Institute, Ahmed Aqam.

The Preventive Security forces arrested Alqam on March 1, 2023, before referring his file to the public prosecution, who was accused of political charges, to cover up his unjustified detention.

Accordingly; The “Lawyers for Justice” group condemns political arrests that violate the right of political and partisan pluralism, especially the arrest of students, which today affects their academic lives and their professional life.

In the same context ; The group requires human rights institutions to put pressure on the preventive security to release Alqam, as well as to put pressure on the General Intelligence to release the student Washaha, who is being held at its headquarters in Ramallah

Lawyers for Justice

March 5, 2023