The “Lawyers for Justice” group has followed up the detention of the political detainee, Muhammad Allawi, since September 1, 2022, by the Palestinian security agencies, During which he obtained his first release order from the Nablus Magistrate Court on September 12, 2022, indeed, he was released, until he went to collect his deposits the next day, and the security agencies re-arrested him without a legal basis. After that, he obtained three release decisions. Two from the Nablus Magistrate Court, and one from the Jericho Magistrate Court, but these decisions were not implemented.

Allawi is now languishing in the security committee headquarter in Jericho, after he was arbitrarily and illegally arrested by the governor of Nablus, in a grave violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

According to the allegations of his relatives; Allawi is going through a very bad psychological state, because of his arrest, and his continued detention for a period of more than four months, and his presence in the headquarters of the security committee reflected negatively on his psyche. In addition, his arrest at the headquarter of the security committee is in violation of the provisions of Article (182) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which prohibits the transfer of spatial jurisdiction to any court except with certain controls, and that is when its consideration in the circuit of the competent court would prejudice public security.

On December 10, 2022, Allawi’s family met, as well as the families of the rest of the illegally detained political detainees, and they went out in a peaceful march; However, this march was suppressed by the Palestinian security agencies.

About a month ago, Allawi’s grandmother passed away, and he was prevented from saying goodbye to her and/or participating in the funeral ceremonies. In the same context, at dawn yesterday his second grandmother died, and he was also prevented from having a farewell look.

Accordingly; The “Lawyers for Justice” group considers this statement as a notification to the Attorney General or one of his assistants, first to report an illegally arrested detainee, and also to speed up his release so that he can participate in his grandmother’s funeral ceremonies.

Lawyers for Justice

January 13, 2023