On this day, Sunday, June 11, 2023, the scheduled court session for the accused involved in the killing of Nizar Banat at the Special Military Court in Ramallah was once again adjourned due to the non-attendance of the witness (W.N).

The session was held in the presence of the representatives of the Military Prosecution, the fourteen defendants, and the defense lawyer. The “Lawyers for Justice” group participated in the session in the capacity of an observer, with the intention of ensuring the preservation of fair trial safeguards. Additionally, several colleagues representing both local and international institutions, were present with the same objective in mind.

The session opened at 12:18 am and was promptly adjourned at 12:23 due to the Military Prosecution informing the court that the Internal Security at the Police informed the Military Prosecution, today, that the witness is currently on sick leave. The rescheduled court proceedings are scheduled to take place on Monday, June 26, 2023.

Accordingly; The “Lawyers for Justice” group calls on local and international human rights institutions to attend the upcoming sessions to ensure that they are conducted impartially and without delay.

Lawyers for Justice

June 11, 2023