The Nablus Magistrate Court extended the detention of the political activist and critic of the Palestinian Authority, Mazyid Saqf Al-Hait, for a period of five days. The Preventive Security in Nablus had arrested Saqf Al-Hait on January 7, after his arrest, the Preventive Security stormed his house and searched his belongings.

Today, Saqf Al-Hait told the court, in the presence of Lawyers for Justice, that he was beaten and ill-treated during his arrest and during his detention at the Preventive Security Service, but the court extended his detention under the pretext of the seriousness of the charge to the public order and security.

Accordingly, Lawyers for Justice is deeply concerned about the continued detention of the activist Saqfi al-Hait, which may be a prelude to the Preventive Security forces continuing to torture him.

Lawyers for Justice

January 10, 2023