Since the beginning of June, the group has followed up on 5 administrative arrests pending under the governor decision, including 4 cases in the custody of the governor of Qalqilya and one in the custody of the governor of Ramallah.

The group had obtained several previous decisions from the High Court of Justice in similar cases of detention; it had ruled that the arrest of the governor was false and illegal, in which it assaulted and exceeded the authority of the judiciary.

Accordingly, the group asserts that the Public Prosecutor’s Office is the only legally competent body to prosecute any accused person of any nature of the charge, and that the use of the security services to arrest citizens in the custody of the governor aims to provide space for these organs to arbitrarily arrest citizens and conduct an illegal investigation outside the control of the court in which there is no minimum fair trial guarantees guaranteed under the Palestinian Basic Law and human rights conventions.