Lawyers for justice got surprised by the decision from the content of the judicial issued by the Ramallah Magistrate Court issued on 17/10/2019, this decision comes after the issuance of a similar decision with the same content that holds the number 11/2017 on 2/7/2017.

Lawyers for justice consider the aforementioned decision issued by a Palestinian court as a political decision, with a legal cover aimed at curbing any media activity inconsistent with the policies of the existing political system, and this considered an infringement of rights and freedoms and reflects the government’s lack of seriousness in the decisions adopted by the public opinion on respect for freedoms and other opinion and also the freedom of press work in Palestine.

Lawyers for Justice affirm that the decision violates the Palestinian Basic Law, as well as international agreements signed by the State of Occupied Palestine, which is committed to respect for rights and freedoms Including freedom of opinion and expression, especially when the incitement against national values, heritage and culture is proliferating and the approach to normalization continues without questioning or accountability.

Lawyers for justice also affirm the necessity of reversing this decision and canceling all its legal effects, and not issuing such illegal decisions, and not issuing the law of freedom of speech, implication of this, is the exploitation of the practitioner against organs of the judiciary.

Lawyers for justice had filed an appeal with the number 44/2018 before the Court of first Instance in Ramallah as an appeal against the previous decision, which was number 11/2017, lawyers for justice decided not to accept it from the court at the time, under the pretext of lack of jurisdiction according to the decision of the Appealing Court.