For three day in straight; the Palestinian Preventive Security Forces in Ramallah refuse to present the political detainee Suliaman Qatash to any judicial entity, note that he was detained in the preventive security center on 6/6/2022, after he was arrested from his home in the village of Yabroud, Ramallah district, at ten o’clock at night.

Sulaiman Qatash is a former political detainee and a former prisoner in the occupying Israeli prisons as the youngest administrative prisoner for several months. His father; Salem Qatash is a former political detainee and he is currently imprisoned in the occupying Israeli prisons.

Today, The General Prosecution has rejected the Lawyers for Justice group’s request to visit the detainee Qatash, on the pretext that there is no file for him in the Prosecution’s records, after the preventive security refused to allow the group  to visit him.

Lawyers for Justice group calls the Public Prosecution to take a serious action; to immediately release the detainee Qatash, especially after the Prosecution of Ramallah refrained from offering protection procedures and trial guarantees for Qatash.

The group also calls all human rights organizations to take immediate action to ensure that the aforementioned detainee is not subjected to any harm or threat.