Lawyers for Justice condemns the systematic incitement of the group and it’s director (Adv. Mohannad Karajeh), the group considers this campaign to be led via a page on Telegram that calls it self “ Eagle of Palestine“ close to officers in Palestinian Security Services, is an integral part of the persistent approach to incitement and repression against human rights action, and the dissemination of false news aimed at activists and human rights defenders.

The group notes that this page and other pages supported by individuals in the security services represent social media platforms to incite against activists and human rights defenders These incitement media campaigns are often followed by the arrest of incited persons, the latest of which was the activist Muzed Saqf Alhayt who was arrested by the Preventive Security Service on Thursday night, 23-5-2024, beaten and tortured.

Therefor, The Group calls upon the official authorities responsible, including the judiciary, to intervene urgently in order to put an end to this page and those responsible for it, because of their abuse and incitement affecting the entire national and social fabric, in a time where m official institutions must be a shield protecting public rights and freedoms.

Also, the group endures security services the responsibility for broadcasting the mentioned page on the Telegram platform and other pages where they note the participation of officers and members of the security services who participate in campaigns of hate speech and misinformation directed against human rights defenders, political activists and opinion activists.

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Lawyers for Justice
issued in 27-5-2024.